moot eucharist II

We did our second eucharist service the other week and were reflecting on the economics of the eucharist. It was a really good turnout, bolstered by 20 danish youth workers. For a flavour of the service you can read the homily here.

For this term we have been exploring the Eucharist and the city. We still have two services left this term which will also explore different areas of city life. Its great to be able to celebrate the eucharist together in a way that blends the traditional and the contemporary. So thank the Lord for Ian’s magic hands!


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  1. On October 25th, 2005 at 9:51 pm Anonymous said:

    sorry to have missed it! have spent a major chunk of today meeting and reflecting on fair trade, trade justice and the impact of the textiles industry… met an amazing woman who is trying to develop a research group at the Royal College of Art using fashion as a tool essentially to raise consumer awareness on the environmental, economic, political, social (etc!) impact of globalisation… everything from the impact of redirecting waterways to irriagte cotton, to selling second hand textiles back to the developing world and undermining any semblance of a local textiles industry that hasn’t already been squashed by huge factories producing for export…
    she feels that churches are not speaking up on these issues.
    and this is intrinsically linked to the eucharist because through it we stand in solidarity with people around the world, with the body of christ… we offer ourselves to a god who teaches us to ask for bread for today, who provided manna in the dessert that was enough for everyone for a day, who challenges our desire for more than enough… and how we can offer hope of having enough to people by choosing to buy wisely…