Two new Emerging Church resources

Pleased to say that COTA’s music CD “Ordo” is now available through their own distribution, and Ikon’s CD “Dubh” has been released through Jonny Baker’s outlet Proost.
Cota, our sister church, have employed Lacey to develop authentic and contextual forms of worship for their community. This album is hopefully the first of a number of new and exciting new forms coming out of the life of vibrancy of COTA. Some will know that Gareth, Si and I spent some time over with this exciting new church in Seattle earlier this year. Click the pic for info.

Ikon’s CD, is a fusion coming out of the creative mix of postmodern theology/philosophy, meditations and music. It has depth and at times some darkness that I am sure comes out of the context. Again, a great resource. Click the pic for more info.

Both these resources would be great for alt/emerging activities and for developing a personal prayer or devotional life.


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