Belgium beer, dogs and Eucharist and other nonsense…

Had a good night out with Phillipa, Ian and Karen, Lacey and Ryan all from COTA. We downed some good belgium beers, ate some great food (Karen even had lobster!) and chatted about a rather wide, eclectic range of subjects. Including the ramifications of a dog eating some of the wafers during Eucharist… would we have to grill the dog and eat it in order that we weren’t leaving any of Jesus around or is it ok for a dog to partake?

We also talked about how the Fremont Abbeye was coming along and heard some more about COTA’s exciting plans for the near future… as well as their problems with the neighbours… apparently they have too many drunk people spilling out onto the streets late at night, and thats just on the worship band practice night 😉

It was great to see them all again and it will be good to hang out at Greenbelt and I for one am looking forward to the Marvin Gaye service and seeing Karen in an Afro – which she claims has been confiscated by Heathrow for security reasons 🙂


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